About Us

About Us

Located just south of Portland, Oregon we specialize in CNC machined parts and services. We value responsiveness and direct communication. In house we operate high end CNC equipment, the latest ERP and CAD/CAM software so that our customers have the benefits of large business tools yet receive small business attention.

Our goal is to partner and grow with our customers. Continuously providing them with a very high level of service and flexibility that is hard to find in manufacturing today. We love manufacturing and we have fun doing it.


our history

1966 the company formed as Gravett’s Machine Works, Inc. located in downtown Oregon City. The original drive was to produce parts for a newly designed Dialysis machine for the Drake Willock Company.

1985 Gravett’s was sold, renamed Northwest Machine Works, Inc. and relocated to Canby, Oregon. The core business shifted to designing and building fully integrated machinery and advanced assemblies, including dies and molds for the local industries.

1992 Gerald Gibbs purchases Northwest Machine Works, Inc. Ushering in manufacturing practices from his time at Freightliner the first NC machines arrived. The company’s focus moved to supporting other manufactures by supplying fixturing, tooling and prototype machining services.

Since 2007, under the leadership of Nicholas Gibbs, the company continues to grow and thrive. Now serving many OEM’s, engineers and product based companies nationwide with prototype to production CNC machining services.

Core Competencies