Core Competencies

April 25th, 2012

The Prototype Process

Any new project where turnaround time and precision are absolutes an expert is required. Our experiences will provide solid guidance through the entire prototype phase. The goal being to work with your engineers, designers or technicians to eliminate as many revisions as possible right from the start.

Working from your model, print or idea we can provide initial pricing along with any feedback of critical part features, machinability issues, material types and part finishes. This review process is constantly used to ensure the best parts are produced no matter what the revision level.

Sometimes having a physical part in hand immediately is the most important solution. We can do that too.

Once the necessary information has been received the part is entered into our ERP system. From here we can easily provide estimated pricing at any quantity level during the prototype phase of your project.

When your project reaches the floor it is under the care of highly skilled journeyman level machinsts. The kind of craftsmen you want machining your prototype. It is also routed and tracked through it’s entire process by our ERP system.

See the GENERAL SERVICES tab for more specific information on inspection, traceability documentation and equipment size.

April 25th, 2012

Your parts are your differentiation

At NWMW we live your parts. We understand most companies that manufacture anything rely on their product, performance and equipment. Whether it’s maintaining your own equipment, building new or assembling your product the parts count. Our business model is based on efficiently managing the definition and manufacturing process of your parts.

We want to work with your engineers, designers, technicians and assemblers to bring solutions to all their issues. Their ideas and improvements drive your business and we want to make them a reality.

Northwest Machine Works can produce a wide range of part types, from many different materials.  We invite you to come and see our shop to explore how we might best serve you.

April 25th, 2012

We hustle

Because projects never wait for you we offer quick turn production. If you have a project with unbelievable deadlines and you’re getting quotes with 6, 8 or 12 week lead times we can help. Any project that resembles production level quantities and has a very short deadline can be achieved.

The flexibility we have allows us to ramp up quickly and take on production volume projects with a quick turn delivery. Like all of our projects our ERP system guides all material requirements and schedules work start to finish. We can time release parts through production and structure priorities based on your needs.

Each quick turn production job is different. Let our experience be your guide.

April 25th, 2012


Our shop floor is set up to support a wide variety of part types and processes.  We offer the flexibility and expertise to confidently handle your parts no matter what the requirements.  Each part is planned and tracked completely through our ERP management system.  Our goal is to conform to each customer’s specific needs and manage their projects within those standards from quote to delivery. See our SERVICES page for a quick reference guide on familiar materials and services we can provide.


Machine Shop Service

We want to handle all of your machining and manufacturing needs top to bottom.  Simple part modifications and small runs are never a problem.  Each project is cared for and treated equally, even the small stuff.


Traceability and Documentation

If your company requires more documentation we can handle it.  Along with our ERP system we offer complete material and service traceability specific to your needs.  Additionally we can provide inspection reports and/or FAIR documentation, at any level, up to AS9102 standards.


Light Fabrication

Welding and light fabrication work is also available at our facility.  We can TIG weld, Stick weld, Braze and Solder your assemblies.  Often times we provide these services to customers with advanced part repair needs and light weldment projects.


Additional Services

In addition to our core machining services we also offer parts support in the following areas and regularly provide them to discriminating customers. Laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, burning, all types of part finishing, plating and coatings.


Machining Equipment Size

Below are the general size envelopes our equipment can handle.  Keep in mind most sizes come recommended from the manufacturer, some can be pushed through and some cannot.

We CONSISTENTLY provide solutions for parts outside these parameters.  Let us see what we can do for you.

CNC Milling:
Max Travel:  50″ x 20″ x 25″ (X,Y,Z)
4th-Axis Max. Diameter:  21″ Dia x 3″ Long, Depends on part/fixture weight.
4th-Axis Max. Length:  3ft Long, Depends on part/fixture weight.
Collet Indexer: Down to 1/8″ Dia

Manual Milling:
Max Travel:  29″ x 24″ x 23″ (X,Y,Z)
Rotary Head, 4th-Axis, Max. Diameter:  21″ Dia x 3″ Long, Depends on part/fixture weight.
Rotary Head, 4th-Axis, Max. Length:  3ft Long, Depends on part/fixture weight.
Collet Indexer: Down to 1/8″ Dia

CNC Turning:
Bar Feed through Collet Diameter:  1/16″ Dia to 1.625″ Dia Rod and up to 1.375″ Hex Bar
Bar Feed through Chuck Diameter:  Up to 3.187″ Dia Rod and up to 2.750″ Hex Bar
10″ Chuck Max Diameter:  21″ Dia x 1.500″ Long
10″ Chuck Max Length:  27″ between centers

Manual Turning
Bar Feed through Collet Diameter:  3/64″ Dia to 1.125″ Dia Rod
Bar Feed through Chuck Diameter:  Up to 2.500″ Dia Rod
10″ Chuck Max Diameter:  18″ Dia
10″ Chuck Max Length:  42″ between centers

Core Competencies