Prototype Runs


The Prototype Process

Any new project where turnaround time and precision are absolutes an expert is required. Our experiences will provide solid guidance through the entire prototype phase. The goal being to work with your engineers, designers or technicians to eliminate as many revisions as possible right from the start.

Working from your model, print or idea we can provide initial pricing along with any feedback of critical part features, machinability issues, material types and part finishes. This review process is constantly used to ensure the best parts are produced no matter what the revision level.

Sometimes having a physical part in hand immediately is the most important solution. We can do that too.

Once the necessary information has been received the part is entered into our ERP system. From here we can easily provide estimated pricing at any quantity level during the prototype phase of your project.

When your project reaches the floor it is under the care of highly skilled journeyman level machinsts. The kind of craftsmen you want machining your prototype. It is also routed and tracked through it’s entire process by our ERP system.

See the GENERAL SERVICES tab for more specific information on inspection, traceability documentation and equipment size.

Core Competencies